Period IV

Graubünden/Surselva. Bild/Photo: TES.

A multicultural Community

Grisons/ Graubünden is a the canton of 150 valleys and of different cultures and languages.

The spring fair Higa (21 to 29 March in Chur), is a multicultural residential community (Wohngemeinschaft) of these languages and cultures.

It is the first joint public presentation of four organisations: the Romansh Association (la Lia Rumantscha, founded in 1919), the Association for Italian Graubünden (l’associazone Pro Grigioni Italiano, founded in 1918), the Walservereinigung (l’associazione Walser Grigioni, founded in 1960) and the Association Pro Raetia (founded in 1949).

These organisations have a Romansh, Italian, Walser and Germand-speaking  background. (Further information: www.