Comb and Hairdressing Museum

Artfully crafted decorative combs made of horn, tortoiseshell and celluloid, clasps, hoops and diadems, moustache combs, eyelash combs and louse combs show the variety of articles of daily use and luxury goods produced in Mümliswil.

They demonstrate the skill and dexterity of the earlier comb makers. The collection of the museum (Museum HaarundKamm ) also includes tools, machines, documents, photos and other products made in the comb factory.

They document tradition and innovation in comb making. Another focus of the collection is on objects, pictures and documents that trace the development of the hairdressing trade and the art of hairdressing.


Museum: Comb and Hairdressing Museum
City: Mümliswil
Country: Switzerland
Address: Kammpark 10