Quadrilingual Switzerland in the picture by HistoriaHelvetica

The website historiaHelvetica.ch is a new quadrilingual initiative which publishes documents from four history platforms: notreHistoire.ch (French), lanostraStoria.ch (Italian), nossaistorgia.ch (Romansh) and unsereGeschichte.ch (German).

The portal combines the best photos, videos and audio archives published by the public and institutions in the country’s four language regions. The content, selected by regional publishers, offers a unique panorama of everyday life in Switzerland over more than a century.

The site is a first step in the rapprochement between the four platforms mentioned above. The portal is multilingual in scope and creates a unique digital space where the audiovisual archives of more than a century are brought together. A newsletter informs about the new publications on the website.

(Source and further information: www.historiaHelvetica.ch)