Basel, der Baum der Zukunft. Foto; TES.

Arena for a Tree

‘Arena for a Tree’ (Arena für einen Baum) is an open-air art performance by Klaus Littmann (1951). The Arena will offer 50 people the opportunity to admire a unique tree at its centre.

The arena is made of treated spruce wood, has a diameter of twelve meters and is shaped like a round basket made of loose mesh that protects the tree – eight meters high.

The irregularity of the outer shape and structure of the individual lamellas that form the “mesh” is based on those of a tree. Together with the surrounding grandstand inside, they depict the annual rings of a tree.

The landscape architect Enzo Enea selected the tree and is a Parrotia Persica, the Persian ironwood closely related to the witch-hazel genus Hamamelis.

The selection process did not rely entirely on mere beauty and strength but rather looked at whether it can be integrated into the Basel tree population and whether its species can long-term adapt to the conditions changed by global warming.

The tree will take root in Basel after the show and be given to the city as a gift. The Museum of Cultures (Museum der Kulturen) and the Historical Science Museum (Nationalhistorisches Museum) also participate and are like trees. connected.

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