The exhibition (Aux Sources du Moyen Âge) presents the (cultural) richness and (ethnic) diversity of the period from Late Antiquity to the year 1000 in present-day French-speaking Switzerland or la Romandie. It covers the cantons of Valais, Vaud and Geneva, as well as parts of the cantons of Fribourg, Neuchâtel and Jura. The six centuries after Roman times are the eras of the Burgundians, the Alamans and the Franks and their (forgotten) kingdoms. However, this time has been decisive for the (linguistic, cantonal and cultural) development of present-day Switzerland. Migrations, the development of writing and (French) language, leisure, burial customs, art, culture, monastic life and political developments bring this period to the fore. In any case, this time was not as ‘dark’ as is often thought.