Etruscan mask of a satyre, fifth century BC. Photo: Allerheiligenmuseum Schaffhausen.

The Museum illuminates the culture of the Etruscans with an extensive special exhibition. Some 250 objects will present a panorama of Etruscan culture and life, from the pleasures of banquets to trade, religion, fortune telling, and burial rites. The exhibits from the museum’s own collection will be supplemented with outstanding loans from Danish, German, and Swiss collections. Roman culture owes Etruscan art and this exhibition focuses on this accomplishment, for a long time forgotten after the Roman conquest. Etruscan cities Tarquinia, Cerveteri, Vulci, Orvieto, Chiusi or Veji and many other cities once ruled over central Italy and Triumph, Gladiators and many Gods have Etruscan roots. Etruscan culture and people may have reached the south of Switzerland as well.