Period IV

Langenthal, Bierhaus. Photo/foto:

Wakkerpreis 2019

The Schweizer Heimatschutz (Swiss Heritage Foundation) awarded its Wakkerpreis 2019 to the city of Langenthal (canton of Bern). After years of economic crisis, the city centre has experienced new structural growth, characterized by a good relationship with the rich industrial heritage, proper planning, and willingness to dialogue. After the disappearance of the traditional porcelain industry, there was stagnation, unemployment, and neglect of buildings. However, the city has overcome the crisis by its efforts and by having the courage to innovate. That is particularly evident in the way in which the rich architectural heritage of industry is dealt with: factory sites, working-class neighbourhoods, public buildings, and villas have been systematically modernised and adapted to new needs. In recent years, the city has made significant investments in improving public spaces in the city centre and along major streets. The same applies to the renovation of many public buildings. These measures have made the city a lively and attractive urban centre for the region. (more information about the city, its culture and history: