Vevey Brotherhood of Winegrowers

The brotherhood or Confrérie des Vignerons not only organises the Fête des Vignerons but also promotes and monitors wine production in the region. The Brotherhood organises three-yearly inspections of the vineyards. These vineyards stretch from Pully, east of Lausanne, to Lavey, on the border with Wallis. The vineyards are evaluated every three years with an award ceremony called the Triennale. Once a generation this ceremony takes on an exceptional dimension, this is the Fête des Vignerons. Today, the brotherhood has more than a thousand members. The members meet every two years in the general meeting. the meeting elects the 24 members of the Council (le Conseil). The President of the Council is called the abbot-president, Abbé-Président or Abbé. (More information: