Boudry, Val-de-Travers. Photo/Foto: TES.


The Val-de-Travers region in the canton of Neuchâtel offers spectacular panoramic views and hiking trails.

The Jura mountains give a real Jurassic impression of the period of the time that bears its name (the period between 200-150 million years ago).

The many natural attractions are the Areuse canyon, the canyon of Poëta-Raisse, the Creux de Van and other cliffs and old forests. The region is also home to the coldest place in Switzerland.

La Brévine, a commune at an altitude of just 1 050 meters, is the Siberia of Switzerland in winter with temperatures below -48 C, due to its unique microclimate.

The lake of Neuchâtel with its many medieval, towns, castles and villages is the final destination of the Areuse on its way through the Jura Mountains.