Thun, Schertzligen Kirche. Photo: TES.

Twelf Thunersee Churches

The parish priest of Einigen, Elogius Kiburger, mentiones in his “Strättliger Kronik” (1570)  twelve churches from the tenth century in villages on the shores of the Thunersee:  in Frutingen, Leissigen, Aeschi, Wimmis, Uttigen, Thierachem, Schertzlingen, Thun, Hilterfingen, Sigriswil, Annseltingen and Spiez.

These churches were built during the reign of the King of Burgundy, Rudolf II (c. 890-937).

Some of the churches still exist. They are classified as one group, the so-called Thunerseekirchen.

Rudolf maintained close ties with Lombardy and was briefly King over this area (922-926). The similarities with the San Pietro in Agliate, the San Paragorio in Noli and the Sant’Ambrogio in Milan are striking.

Eight churches (in Aeschi, Amsoldingen, Einigen, Scherzligen, Spiez, Sigriswil, Wimnis, and Thierachter) have a Romanesque architecture, with or without (recent) renovations.

(Source: H-R. Meier, Romanische Schweiz, Würzburg 1996).