Dreiländermuseum Lörrach exposition Zeitenwende 1918-1919. Photo: Dreiländermuseum Lörrach.

Turning Point 1918-1919

The current project of the Museum Network (Netzwerk Museen/ Musées du réseau) ) in the three countries region Switzerland, Germany and France is dedicated to the theme “Turning Point 1918-1919” (Zeitenwende 1918-1919). It offers the (30) participating museums a broad spectrum of themes: revolutionary Germany, emancipation of women, universal (male) suffrage, Alsace becomes French again, Germany becomes a republic, Switzerland shakes on its foundations during the general strike of November 1918. Major economic crises determined the 1920s, but there were also economic successes, technical progress and new developments in art, life forms and urban planning. Thirty exhibitions cover many aspects that have shaped and continued to influence this border region. Further information: