Local History

Grève générale en Suisse de 1918, Paradeplatz de Zurich. Photo : Wikipedia.

Three Countries Museum Lörrach

The Three Countries Museum in Lörrach (Dreiländer-Museum) is unique in Europe. His exhibition tells the history of the Upper Rhine, where the borders of Germany, France and Switzerland cross. For fifteen years the museum has been collecting objects that bear witness to the eventful history of the border region between France, Germany and Switzerland. They illustrate three national perspectives. The museum’s collection is one of the richest in South-Baden. It more than 50,000 objects and is the largest collection of cultural history in the region between the Brisgau and Lake Constance.

A new project will address the theme of the change of 100 years ago: the reorganisation of the administration and cultural life in Alsace, (French again in 1918), Baden and Germany became republics and the general strike in Switzerland in November 1918. The 1920s were marked by severe financial crises, but also by economic successes. The era is also an artistic turning point, the emancipation of women and increased mobility are other concerns. The rise of extreme political parties and the aftermath of the Great War strongly influenced the social and political climate. All the developments will be punt into perspective of the regional contacts between these three countries (Source and information: www.dreilaendermuseum.eu).