Susch, Frühling, 2019. Photo/Foto: TES.

The Via Engadina

The Via Engiadina is a hiking tour (partly also possible by bike) from Casaccia (Bergell) in Upper Engadin (Oberengadin) on the border with Italy, to Vinadi in Lower Engadin (Unterengadin), the border with Austria. The Bergell (Val Bregaglia) borders the Veltlin (Valtellina), which for over two hundred and fifty years (1512-1798) was a so-called subject area (Untertanengebiet) of the Free State of the Three Leagues (Freistaat der Drei Bünde), the forerunner of canton Graubünden.

The 140-kilometre route is easy to walk (or cycle) in stages because of the excellent accommodation facilities. The difference in altitude is 2,500 to 1,086 metres in Vinadi.

The art, tourism, history, nature and world-famous places and beautiful villages with Engadine architecture and famous mountain passes accompany the hiker. Maloja, Sils Maria (and lake) and St. Moritz (and lake) are the first larger villages in the beautiful mountain landscape. Giovanni Segantini (1858-1899) and the museum dedicated to him in St. Moritz give this landscape an artistic dimension. From Sils with its famous Waldhaus and museum (Nietsche-Haus), home of Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900), the Inn (En in Romansh) is the guide to Vinadi.

The tour passes through Celerina, Beaver, Zuoz (and its beautiful houses (Chesa Planta) and square (Plazzet), Brail (the border between Upper Engadin, Putèr Romansh, and Lower Engadin, Vallader Romansh, Zernez (and the highest peak of Engadin the Piz Linard of 3 410 metres, Wildenberg Castle and the centre of the National Park of Switzerland), Susch, Lavin, Guarda, Ardez, Ftan, Scuol (Bogn Engiadina and Museum of Lower Engadin), Vulpera Tarasp (Castle of Tarasp and Trinkhalle, Foundation Nair in Vulpera), overlooking the Engadine Dolomites, Sent, Vnà, Val Sinestra, Ramosch, Tschlin, Martina and finally Vinadi.

Vinadi is the old border town of the Free State of the Three Leagues, the castle Altfinstermünz on the Austrian side is a reminder of this.