Le Locle, Hotel de Ville. Photo/Foto: TES.

The Town Hall of Le Locle

Le Locle was mentioned for the first time in a document in 1151 as the property of the seigneurs of Valangin and afterward the Counts of Neuchâtel.

The heydays came in the nineteenth century by  the development of the watch industry. The Town Hall symbolizes the prosperity, cosmopolitism and grandeur of this small city.

The world is the market for the (Horlogerie) industries and services. The Time and Town planning area (L’Espace Temps et Urbanisme) in the building is dedicated to the history of the watch industry.

The Town Hall, built after the First World War, is a harmonious construction of different architectural styles : neo-Renaissance, Art Nouveau and local.

The architecture, fresco’s and sculptures make it a work of total art, including the goddess guarding the source of living water in front of the building.

The sculpture was crafted in 1930 to remind the authorities of good governance. (Source and further information: