Bettingen, St. Chrischona. Photo/Bild: TES.

The St. Chrischona church

The St. Chrischona church on the Dinkelsberg near the municipality of Bettingen (Canton of Basel-City) is dedicated to St. Chrischona.

According to legend (Legenda Aurea), Chrischona and her two sisters survived the (infamous) journey of Ursula and 11 000 virgins to Cologne. Chrischona died on the spot of the church. Her (alleged) remains were buried in this church in 1506. The first church was built in the seventh century.

The church was built in the fifteenth century and was a place of pilgrimage until the Reformation. The church is part of the Chrischona-campus nowadays.

The church is located at the highest point of the canton (522 meters) with a beautiful view of the Rhine, Basel, the Alps, the Jura and the southern foothills of the Black Forest.