Local History

Fürstenau. Photo/Foto: www.fuerstenau.ch

The Smallest City of the World

Fürstenau (Farschno in Romansh, canton of Grisons) is a medieval town of around 200 inhabitants. It is called the smallest city in Switzerland or even the world.

The town was owned by the Bishop of Chur. The urbane status is recognizable in the medieval architecture and buildings.

There are two castles (Schauenstein or Oberes Schloss) and the bishop’s castle (Unteres Schloss). Other buildings are the palace of the bishop, the merchant building (the Stoffelhaus and its Gothic frescoes from the fourteenth century), the church from 1354 and other buildings, which give the town the urban appearance.

The name Fürstenau is already an indication of the close ties with the medieval Prince-Bishopric of Chur.