Augusta Raurica Museum

Augusta Raurica, Romeins theater. Foto/Photo: TES

Before the conquest by Roman armies, the Celtic tribe of the Rauraci (Rauraken) inhabited the area. On the Münsterhügel of present-day Basel, there was a small settlement, the oppidum Basilia around 30 BC. The Colonia Augusta Raurica was founded in 44 BC but remained small until the Roman conquest in 13-15 BC. By 30 AD, … Read more » “Augusta Raurica Museum”

The Holy Oaks of La Tène

La Tène, canton de Neuchatel, le parc de chênes. Bild/Photo: TES.

The Celts are many tribes that inhabited Central and Southern Europe from about 1 300 BC, including the area of present-day Switzerland. The Celts have never been a political unity. Not much is known about the Celtic language either. The language disappeared after the Roman occupation and the romanisation, a process of four centuries from the … Read more » “The Holy Oaks of La Tène”

The Roman Army Camp Vindonissa

Kasernegebäude im Legionslager Vindonissa. Foto: TES,

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