Dolmen Graves in Switzerland

Available in Dutch and German

The Roman Road Neckar-Alb-Aare

Die Römerstrasse Neckar-Alb-Aare. Foto:

Available in German (Die Römerstrasse Neckar-Alb-Aare) and Dutch.

Lake Dwellings Museum

Lake dwellings (replica's), Latenium Neuchâtel. Photo: TES.

The Society for Lake Dwelling Archeology and Regional Ethnology was founded in 1922 and manages the  Lake Dwelling Museum in Unteruhldingen (Germany). The Society studies the prehistory in the Lake Constance area and the archaeology of lake dwellings. Lake dwellings are a phenomenon that still surprises scholars and the public. Most lake dwellings exist in Switzerland … Read more » “Lake Dwellings Museum”