Switzerland and the Roman Empire

Swiss territory and Roman provinces 14 AD. Marc Zanoli. Photo: Wikipedia.

Celtic tribes inhabited the territory of present-day Switzerland before the conquest by the Romans in the last decade BC. The Romans had occupied Genava (Geneva), the town of the Allobroges,  in 120 BC. Geneva became part of the Roman province of Gaul Transalpine. This province consisted of the present-day provinces of Languedoc-Roussillon, Alpes-Côte d’Azur and … Read more » “Switzerland and the Roman Empire”

Romanization in Italian-speaking Switzerland

Poster of the Exhibition. Photo: Santa Giulia Museum Brexia

The tribes of the Po Valley in Northern Italy had different attitudes towards the military and political ambitions of Rome in the last century before Christ. Some were hostile to Rome (the Insubrians), some concluded an alliance (Venetians and Cenomanes), and others remained hesitant (Ligurians). After their conquest in the last decades before Christ, the … Read more » “Romanization in Italian-speaking Switzerland”

From Aventicum to Avenches

Der Wehrturm im Amphitheater. Foto: Avenches Tourisme/ www.avenches.ch

The story of the migration of some Celtic tribes (Helvetii, Rauraci) in 58 BC to eastern France is known because of the book de bello gallico by Julius Caesar (100-44 BC). Far less known outside present-day Switzerland is the history after their defeat in that year near Bibracte, and the return to their homelands in … Read more » “From Aventicum to Avenches”