Roman Roads and Bridges

Römische Meilenstein Via Claudia Augusta, Augsburg. Foto: TES.

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The Romanisation of Vaud

L´amphithéatre d´Avenches el le château médiéval du 13e siècle à l'arrière-plan. Photo: TES.

During two centuries of Roman peace —the “pax romana”—  and domination, the area of the canton of Vaud was romanised. The Celtic population adopted the Roman way of life, the Latin language and customs. One of the most important contributions was urbanisation. The Celtic settlements, the oppida (oppidum in the singular) developed into cities or … Read more » “The Romanisation of Vaud”

Two Ivory Dolls and Romanisation

Photo: musée Lorrain, Nancy,

Underneath a Roman necropolis with 311 graves in Yverdon-Les-Bains (Eburodunum in Roman times), excavations revealed numerous remains, such as earthen and wooden buildings from the beginning of our era and the masonry foundations of a later cellar. Two tiny ivory dolls were also found. They are related to the first models that appeared in Rome. … Read more » “Two Ivory Dolls and Romanisation”