Einsiedeln, Kanton Schwyz, Toblerones. Photo/Foto: TES.,

The natural Toblerones

The Toblerone Trail owes its name to a line of fortifications built during the mobilization of 1939-45. “Toblerones” is the name the population has given to anti-tank dams whose elements are reminiscent of the famous brand of Swiss chocolate.

The so-called Promenthouse fortified line is based on a natural obstacle formed by the courses of three streams: the Combe, Serine and the lower course of the Promenthouse.

The “Toblerone Trail”, which makes it possible to follow these three rivers, runs through a landscape which, starting from the steep slopes of the Jura, presents successively a rough terrain (area of Bassins), then slopes of more in more sweet (Begnins and Vich) and finally a plain (Gland and the delta of the Promenthouse).

The historical and military aspect alone justifies the visit. The trail also follows a succession of natural sites full of attractions, a natural environment of great interest: meandering rivers with their deposits of alluvium, dead arms, undergrowth flora of the first spring, shading of large hardwoods and the vegetal colonization of the concrete of the Toblerones (Source and further information: www.toblerones.ch).