Local History

Scuol, Unterengadiner Regionalmuseum. Photo/foto: TES.

The Museum of lower Engadine

The Lower Engadine Heritage museum (Unterengadiner Regionalmuseum) in ancient Scuol is housed in the Great House (Chà Gronda in Romansh) or convent (Clastra in Romansh). The powerful Tarasp dynasty transferred the convent (founded in 1100 by the same dynasty) to Burgeis in Val Venosta (Obervinschgau). It is called the Benedictine Abbey of Marienberg nowadays.

The museum shows the history of Lower Engadine and Scuol (Schuls in German). the Bronze- and Iron Ages, the Romans, Middle Ages, the Bündner alliances, the wars the Reformation and Napoleonic era and the 20th century are being dealt with, including significant collections of furnishings and objects of the unique Engadine habitation culture. The building is a monument and museum piece as well, lavishly decorated and telling a centuries old story. (Source and further information: www.engadin.com).