Merian Gärten/ Villa Merian. Bild/Photo: © Christoph Merian Stiftung, Kathrin Schulthess.

The Merian Botanical Gardens

The Merian Gardens (Merian Gärten) are a botanical garden on the outskirts of Basel. Its history dates back to 1824 when Christoph Merian (1800-1858) acquired the Brüglingerhof and 56 hectares of land and developed this land into a large agricultural company in the village of Brüglingen.

The area was transferred to the Christoph Merian Foundation. This Foundation developed the botanical garden in and after 1968. Only the Brüglingerhof remained an independent agricultural enterprise until 2012, after which it was included in the botanical garden.

The garden is situated in the millennia-old river landscape of the Birs. The terraces created by the river are still clearly visible and divide the gardens topographically. The rhododendron valley, the medicinal garden, the dry biotope, about 1500 historical iris species and other collections were created after 1968.

The garden is open to the public, and guided tours, courses and other educational activities are part of the program. (Source and further information: