Schloss Marschlins. Bild/Photo: Adrian Michael/Wikipedia

The Marschlins castle

The Marschlins castle near Isis-Landquart (canton of Graubünden) is originally a water castle from the thirteenth century. Ulysses von Salis (1594-1674) became the owner in 1633 and subsequently called himself Von Salis-Marschlins.

Graubünden was a battleground during the Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648). Switzerland itself was spared except for a few incidents. Graubünden, however, was disputed by the great powers and Protestants and Catholics of Graubünden, in the so-called Bündner Wirren (1618-1639).

The name speaks for itself. It was a confusing international battleground with local rulers who often changed sides.

Von Salis-Marschlins became rich in French service, and he was the ancestor of an influential family in Graubünden.

The most famous personalities are Karl Ulysses von Salis-Marschlins (1728-1800) and the champion of women’s rights Meta Von Salis-Marschlins (1855-1929).

However, with her also ends the story of this dynasty, which for a long time had an almost royal status in the Republic of Graubünden. Everything comes to an end, but the castle seeks a new beginning and is for sale.