Lavaux. Photo/Foto: TES.

The Lavaux

The Lavaux is one of the largest wine regions in Switzerland and includes 14 well-preserved and beautiful villages and more small municipalities.

The area stretches from Lutry, east of Lausanne, to Vevey, home of the Confrérie des Vignerons (Guild or Brotherhood of Winegrowers).

The Confrérie covers a broader area, from Pully to Lavey, south of Bex in Chablais. UNESCO recognises the terraced vineyards and the cultural landscape as world heritage sites.

The monks created the centuries-old vineyards in the eleventh century. They cultivated wine on the narrow terraces, supported and surrounded by stone walls.

Since then, generations of winemakers have contributed to the promotion of the beautiful mosaic, the walls and the charming villages along the shores of Lake Geneva.

This extraordinary homage to Lavaux’s viticulture, culture and traditions is a centuries-old event and is a work of art in itself, symbolising the commitment of the citizens.

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