Lavaux region. Photo: Zacharie Grossen.

The Lavaux Region

The vineyards of Lavaux or the Lavaux region is also called “Land of the Three Suns”, sun from the sky, sun from Lake Geneva, which acts like a mirror (Lac Léman) and sun from the walls, which absorb the heat.

The landscape of Lavaux constitutes one of the greatest vineyards in Switzerland en encompasses 14 well-preserved villages.

The vineyards compromise of 400 kilometres of walls and 10 000 terraces spread over 40 levels, 160 winemakers and 830 hectares.

Lavaux lies in the Canton of Vaud and the vineyards cover the shores of Lake Geneva between Vevey and Lutry.

From the eleventh century, several monasteries undertook to clear the hillsides and cultivate vines. It was the beginning of viticulture.

The monks built walls for several centuries, forming terraces, in order to support and level the ground. Eventually, the cultivation and exploitation was handed over to laymen and they ever since developed the region and generations of winemakers have been respectful to traditions and have helped to foster the magnificent mosaic.

Lavaux was officially listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007. (Source and further information: