European Affairs

Bummelsonntag, 31.3.2019. Photo/foto: TES.

The EU should join the Swiss Federation

Switzerland should not join the EU, but the EU should join the Swiss Federation.  The country should seriously and critically consider whether it will sign the so-called Rahmenabkommen. Sovereignty which has been transferred to the EU is lost forever, and the EU is never satisfied. In ten years’ time membership or an end of the Rahmenabkommen will be on the table.

The EU is not capable of reform or self-reflection (that was the subject of the Brexit referendum) and has no self-correcting capacity, it is not a parliamentary democracy, it has no trias politica, its judiciary is rather federal political institute and the EU is too much based on subsidies (75% budget), overpaid bureaucracy, protectionism and above all ambitions of the Great Europeans.

This EU does not necessarily unite the good qualities of its members, but above all unites the bad. This EU looks ever more the new Euro-communism with a human face, and that does not end well. That is what 52% of British citizens felt (intuitively) well, as 62% of the ignored citizens in the Netherlands expressed in 2005. The reaction of the Dutch establishment: abolishment of the referendum. The Netherlands is systematically voted down within the EU, and the ECB (14 + Draghi versus 4) and the EU and the illegal policy of the ECB threaten its social system and social cohesion, the housing market, pensions and savings. What is meant by influencing policy and legislation in the EU ?  The EU must return to its core tasks and must be reformed bottom up, for its own sake and survival.

The Basler Fasnacht has undergone many changes over the centuries, and its present form is the result of permanent communication with society. Participants of Fasnacht expose themselves without masks to the public at the Sundays afterwards. The EU never takes off its masks but hides behind rhetoric and propaganda (Lisbon 2000, euro, open borders and Frontex, unrestricted enlargement and other ill-fated and failed projects). If the EU does not keep up with the times but sticks to its dogmas, ambitions and megalomaniacal projects, there will be an implosion. The EU is now unifying the incompatible from above, and citizens have to become the new European in the new European Animal Farm of Germany and France First.