Period III

Proclamation of 28 December 1798. Photo: Wikipedia.

The end of French rule

The French rule in Geneva came to an end on 30 december 1813. Geneva was liberated by the Austrian Count Ferdinand Bubna von Littiz (1768-1825).

Although Catholic Swiss cantons resisted the accession of Geneva to the Swiss Confederation, the canton joined the ‘Eidgenossenschaft’ on Mai 19th, 1815 (so did Neuchâtel and Valais).

It was the decision of The Great Powers at the Congress of Vienna (1814-1815) and the will of the citizens of Geneva.

It proofed to be the best solution for Geneva and Switzerland.

Geneva escaped two world wars, became the global capital of diplomacy, law and peace, is part of a sovereign, decentralized democratic federation and did not become a French provincial city.

It was a long way from the Celtic oppodium Genava and Roman town Genava to Geneva, but history has been kind to this canton.

(Source: CHA, Genève son histoire et ses institutions (Geneva 2004).