Naturpark Beverin. Photo/Foto: TES.

The Beverin Nature Park

The Beverin Nature Park (Naturpark Beverin) in the canton of Grisons is a nature park of national importance.

The park (412 m2, 11 municipalities, a. 3 000 inhabitants) consists of four valleys, deep gorges (Viamalaschlucht, Rofflaschlucht and Rheinschlucht), two cultural-historical and linguistically different areas (Walser and Romansh/Sutsilvan) and traffic routes of historical importance.

The municipalities around the Piz Beverin (2998 m.) preserve the precious natural and cultural heritage and the beautiful landscape. Altitudes between 600 and 3200 m characterize the park area. This difference in altitude leads to a wide variety of landscape types and provides a habitat for a wide range of animal and plant species.

The Capricorn is also home to this area, with around 35 aninals.

The Capricorn Exhibition at the Center da Capricorns in Wergenstein shows the world of the Capricorn colony Safien-Rheinwald and provides information about the life of the Capricorn.

As the shortest connection between Lake Constance in the north and Lombardy in the south, the route over the Splügen Pass has long been important for trade and goods transport.

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