Fasnacht 2015. Photo:

The Basler Carnival or Fasnacht

The Basler Carnival or Fasnacht is a folk festival that dates back to the Middle Ages. Religious, social and political motives underlied the development. A few days a year the politically powerless and socially weaker could express their dissatisfaction and (political) views in the strictly hierarchical society and forget the concerns of daily life for a moment. The church and its (moral) masters also turned a blind eye for these reasons. It has been evolving over thelast 100 years. The city’s population uses this festival to vent their real opinions in a humorous and way and to act and behave differently from their normal day to day lives. For three days a year (February or March) Basel lives in a different world. In 2017 UNESCO added the Basel Fasnacht to its list of cultural heritage. (Source and further Information: und