Schloss/Castle Tarasp. Photo/foto: TES.

Tarasp Castle

The Tarasp castle originally belonged to the Tarasp family, a powerful family, appearing in recorded history towards the end of the eleventh century.

Their estates extended through Paznaun and the Oberinntal into the Augsburg district in the north, and westwards tot he Upper Engadine and Oberhalbstein, almost as far as the town of Chur and southwards tot he Vintschgau, present-day South-Tyrol, and Veltin.

Ownership of the castle passed eventually to the bishop of Chur (one of the Tarasps was a bishop) and afterwards to other local Lords.

The House of Habsburg possessed the castle until 1803 (the reason Tarasp remained Catholic in 1530, all other towns and villages took the protestant religion).

The castle was given to the new canton of Grisons in 1803 but sold to private owners soon afterwards.

The castle was bought by Karl August Linger (1861-1916). The new owner completely renovated the castle.

The castle was owned by Grand Dukes and princesses after his death. The Swiss artist Not Vital (1948) bought the castle in 2015. (Source: I. Müller, Schloss Tarasp, Regensburg, 1998).