Berner Oberland, Swiss Smilestones. Neuhausen. Photo/Foto: TES.

Swiss Smilestones

One of the latest Swiss attractions is close to one of the older miracles of nature: the Rhine Falls (Rheinfall). Europe’s biggest fall was created 120 000 years ago by the glaciers. This phenomenon can now be admired in the largest indoor miniature world in Switzerland.

The presentation is not finished yet, but the mountainous Berner Oberland and the eastern part of the country are on display already. Interlaken, the Jungfrau Region, the Matterhorn, Appenzellern, the Säntis mountains and more destinations can be admired, not as dead miniatures, but embedded in moving train- and car traffic, helicopters, cities, villages, woods, lakes, rivers cows and people.

Smilestones, the name of this miniature world, is indeed made with a smile and numerous (and humorous) details.

The real Rhine Falls are just a few hundred meters away, and one can see the likeness of the miniature and the real world. It is work in progress, however, and other parts of Switzerland will be added in due course. (Swiss Smilestones, Neuhausen,