Le village de Bex. Photo/Foto: TES

Swiss Saltworks

With the salt produced at the Schweizerhalle, Riburg and Bex sites, Swiss Saltworks supplies the whole country with salt. About half of the annual production volume – some 600,000 tonnes in total – is used as de-icing salt to ensure road traffic safety in winter. The other salt products cover the requirements and application areas for the general public and the country’s industrial and commercial sectors.


The Riburg and Schweizerhalle saltworks offer a variety of experiences. The Riburg saltworks has been operating since 1848. The facility has one of Europe’s largest evaporators in saltworks.

The salt storage hall Saldome 2 is Switzerland’s largest domed structure. Since 1837, the Schweizerhalle saltworks have been extracting salt. The impressive high-bay storage facility is also worth a visit.

The Bex Salt Mines are now a vast underground labyrinth, several kilometres open to visitors. The Salt Museum (“Die Salzkammer”) has 15 rooms on two stories where the world of salt can be explored.

(Source and further information: www.salz.ch).