Landesmuseum Zürich, Photo/foto: TES.

Swiss National Museums

The umbrella of the Swiss National Museum unites three museums (Schweizerisches Nationalmuseum, musée national suisse, museo nazionale svizerro, museum naziunal svizzer).

The National Museum in Zurich, the Prangins Castle and the Forum of Swiss History in Schwyz and the collection centre in Affoltern am Albis together form the National Museum.

The permanent exhibitions in the museums present the history from prehistory to the present day and give insight into Swiss identity, culture, languages, religions and political, social and economic developments. The country has always been confronted with and surrounded by powerful neighbours, the Roman Empire, Frankish, Burgundian, Habsburg, Savoyard, and German kings and dynasties and the dictatorships of the twentieth century.

The museums put the multilingual, multireligious and multicultural concept of the country in the perspective of this history. Temporary exhibitions and other events on current topics contribute to the information. (More information: