Period IV

Maienfeld. Schloss Brandis,Graubünden/Grisons/Grigioni/Grischun

Swiss Made Culture

The recently founded Association Swiss Made Culture in Crans-Montana aims to highlight the cultural, linguistic, economic and democratic richness of the country. Switzerland is situated in the middle of Europe but is relatively unknown to even its neighbouring countries.

Swiss citizens themselves do not always know other language regions of their country very well, although the current sanitary crisis has led to travel and holidays to these regions. For many, one national language, for example, Italian, is as foreign as Spanish.

Swiss Made Culture Is an association that aims to make the culture and society of Switzerland accessible to a broad (international and Swiss ) public. The four languages, its location between the (old) European powers, the crossroads of centuries-old cultural developments, a centre of international contemporary art and the democratic, innovative and industrial model and cosmopolitan character of the country are central to cultural activities and other events. (More information: