Mistail, St. Peter. Photo/Foto: TES.

St. Peter in Mistail

The monastery and the church of St. Peter in Mistail canton Graubünden) were built in the Carolingian ear (around 800) on a plateau near the village of Alvaschein.

The first mention of the church and monastery dates from 823 in a letter from the bishop of Chur to Louis the Pious (778-840), son and successor of Charlemagne (742-814).

The diocese of Chur belonged to the Archdiocese of Milan until 843 and the St. Peter shows the architectural style from this region (he Lombardy). Some fragments of frescoes from the Carolingian period remained intact.

The Gothic frescoes from around 1400 are another interesting cultural-historical object.

(Source: Gesellschaft für Schweizerische Kunstgeschichte, Bern, 1985).