St. Peter, Basel. Photo: TES.

St. Peter Basel

The church dedicated to the apostles St. Peter and St. Paul was built in Carolingian times (second half eighth century, ninth century).

In the tenth and eleventh centuries, the church was enlarged in the Romanesque style. On the south side arose a free-standing church tower, the symbol of a parish church, to which St. Peter was promoted in 1035.

Around 1230, the church was extended with a chapter, which survived the Reformation of 1529.

The chapter was dissolved on 27 January 1813, almost three centuries later. The church had a shorter life.

The earthquake of 1356 destroyed the church for the most part. The church went through a long period of (Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque) reconstruction and expansion, including the famous St. Martin’s and Mary’s Chapels, the choir, frescoes and the baptismal font of 1513.

The last major renovations took place in the seventeenth century and reflect the current state of the church at the beautiful St. Petersplein. (Source: B. Meles, Die Peterskirche in Basel,Bern, 2010).