Basel, St. Leonhard. Photo: TES.

St. Leonhard Church

The church of St. Leonhard figures high above the Barfüsserplatz in the center of Basel. The parish church was built around 1080.

The church bells of the two other parish churches St. Peter and St. Martin and the bells of the cathedral determined the rhythm of life of the inhabitants of Basel from dawn until evening.

Only the crypt of the Romanesque building is preserved. The earthquake of 18 October 1356 razed the Romanesque church to the ground (except for the crypt) and the rebuilding took place in the Gothic style.

The first protestant mess took place in 1525. The church did not suffer from the iconoclasm in 1529, because of this early change to the new belief in 1525.

The famous altar of Konrad Witz (1400-1446) and many other artifacts survived. The church belongs to the French reformed congregation nowadays.