Concise, l’église St. Jean-Baptiste. Photo/Foto: TES.

St. John the Baptist in Concise

The history of the village begins with the pile dwellings between 4300 and 1570 B.C. The site of today’s Concise (canton of Vaud) had twenty-eight pile dwellings.

In Roman times the village had a quarry, which supplied the builders of the provincial capital Aventicum (Avenches) with limestone. At this time Conciza got its Latin name meaning cut wood or cut forest.

From about 1050, Concise was governed by the Grandson family. The Romanesque church of St. John the Baptist (St. Jean-Baptiste) dates from this time and was under the supervision of the priory of Grandson until the reformation in 1536.

The two chapels forming the transept are Gothic. The nave was built in 1677 in the late Gothic style.

The west facade has a neo-Romanesque window typical of the 19th century.

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