Ins (Anet), evangelische Kirche. Photo/Foto: TES.

Small Village, Great Monuments

Ins (Cerlier in French, canton of Bern) is not only the village of the (birth) house, studio and museum of the painter Albert-Anker (1831-1910). The medieval village was an important regional centre with more inhabitants than the town of Erlach (canton Bern). Nevertheless, from 1474 Erlach was the seat of the governors (Landvogt) of Bern. Ins, however, was the place of the Landgericht. The Schlössli Ins and the size of the square also indicate the importance of the village. On the hill stands for centuries the church which has been evangelical since 1525. The seven hundred-year-old baptismal font points to the centuries-old building history. The church was first mentioned in a document in 1228.