Sinfonia d'aua. Photo:

Sinfonia d’aua

Sinfonia d’aua in Flims consists of six small hydropower plants. It shows how nature, technology and people interact and function as a whole.

The project includes natural phenomena and systems, ecological electricity production, sustainable drinking water use and multifunctional infrastructure for making snow.

For thousands of years, the water in the limestone has sought new ways and created a widely branched underground system.

The two largest lakes in Flims – Lake Cauma and Lake Cresta – are fed underground. Lake Cauma also has no above-ground drainage, and the water level varies up to seven metres per year.

It is a groundwater lake. The light scattering creates the natural turquoise blue colour on small inorganic suspended particles.

The unique colour and idyllic location makes Lake Cauma world-famous.

Point Gronda is the visitor centre. (More information: