Dornach, Nepomukbrücke. Photo: TES.

Schwarzbubenland Canton of Solothurn

The Schwarzbubenland consists of the districts of Dorneck and Thierstein and lies in the canton of Solothurn, south of the canton of Baselland.

The region offers ideal hiking and biking routes, beautiful landscapes and is also marked by cultural history with many museums, castles, Roman, medieval, and (early) modern architecture.

The town of Dornach is just one example. There is a wonderful view of the whole region up to the Vosges Mountains and the Black Forest.

The name Dornach derives from Tornacho, Tornegg or Tornach, probably from the Celtic Latin fundus turranicus. In any case, there has been a Gallo-Roman settlement. Not only nature but also its cultural history is fascinating.

The ruins Dorneck and Hilzenstein, the Goetheanum, the monastery, and the Nepomuk bridge have stories to tell.

In 1813 this bridge was destroyed by a flood, only the statue of St. Nepomuk remained intact. (Source and further information: