Local History

Savognin Brücke,1682. Photo/foto: TES.


The village of Savognin was first mentioned in 1154 in a document of the Bishop of Chur.

The village is situated in the Surses valley and the Parc Ela, the largest regional natural park in Switzerland.

The beginning of tourism in the middle of the 19th century increased the number of travellers passing through the village. The bridge spans the river Julia, one of the Lower Rhine (Hinterrhein) rivers.

The village remained Catholic and became one of the strongholds of the Counter-Reformation. The monks built the bridge (1682) and the (Baroque) churches in the small village and the rectory.

The Gabriel residence is the former property of the Bishop of Chur. These building activities made the Church a significant employer in the village.

Tourism, agriculture and smaller businesses employ most people nowadays.

(Source: www.savognin-gr.ch).