Tschlin, San Plasch. Photo/Foto: TES.

San Plasch und Donna Lupa

Whoever hears the bell ringing in Tschlin (Lower Engadin), immediately thinks of the only church in the village, the San Plasch (St. Blasius).

The church was built in 1515 and replaced a medieval Romanesque church. The Romanesque tower remained. The tower has no bell, however.

The late Gothic interior and frescoes late Gothic survived the Reformation. Tschlin, like other villages in Lower Engadin (except for Saumnaun and Tarasp), adopted the Protestant faith. The memorial to the reformer Duri Champell (1510-1582) is a reminder of this period.

The wooden statue of Dona Lupa in front of the church pays homage to the woman, who drove out the Austrian attackers of the village with a ruse in 1499. The village was less fortunate on other occasions, and looting soldiers and fire destroyed most of the town in the centuries to come.

The St. John’s Church burned down in 1761. The church tower remained intact and this tower is ringing the bells for more than two hundred and fifty years.