Abteikirche St. Ursanne, Photo: TES.

Saint-Ursanne founded a city

Saint-Ursanne, named after the saint of that name, is situated on the river Doubs in the canton of Jura. The city will celebrate the 1 400 years since the death of its founder St. Ursanne next year.

The town and its Romanesque Benedictine abbey have been able to conserve its medieval character. Among the most important and interesting buildings in the centre are the collegiate church and its cloister, built in the 12th and 13th centuries.

The town can only be accessed through one of the three historic gates, St. Peter´s Gate (Porte Saint-Pierre), St. John´s Gate (Porte Saint-Jean) or Paul´s Gate (Porte Saint-Paul) entering the city by a monumental bridge or ancient roads. Various other buildings and objects deserve attention, most of them dating from the eighteenth century.

The bridge of Saint-Jean Népomucène and the so-called La Berbatte clock´ are just a few examples.