Period II

Rottweil around 2000. Photo:

Rottweil and the Swiss Confederation

The German city of Rottweil in Baden-Wurttemberg (Germany) became a close ally of the Swiss Eidgenossenschaft or Confederation in 1463.

The Confederation consisted of nine cantons at this time and Rottweil (Ariae Flaviae in Roman times, Rottuvilla or red villa in the early medieval period) got the status of close ally and city or ‘Zugewandter Ort‘, confirmed by the Eternal Alliance (Der Ewige Bund) in 1519.

This Treaty and status hold until today, although the political, religious and military developments make implementation a theoretical issue.

The end of the independence of the free imperial city came in 1806 (dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire by Napoleon) and the subsequent annexation by the kingdom Wurttemberg in 1815.