Museum Augusta Raurica, Thermae. Photo/Foto: TES.

Roman Fesitval Augusta Raurica

The gladiators are the focus of the annual Roman Festival (24-28 August) in Augusta Raurica. The public will experience the fascination of their performances and will also gain insight into the cultural, political and social backgrounds and history.

It is also one of the highlights of the gladiator year in Augusta Raurica. An exhibition at the Museum of Antiquity (Antikenmuseum) in Basel will afterwards elaborate on this theme. This exhibition will also present the beautiful gladiator mosaic of Augusta Raurica in its entirety for the first time to the public.

This Roman festival is the largest in Switzerland and is an experience for young and old and the whole family. It is a journey through the Roman world, which is still prominently present in Augusta Raurica through the theatre, the villa, the temples, the remains of the amphitheatre, roads, baths and of course the museum. In more than 30 places, children can take part in activities such as chariot races, catapult shootings, painting or dressing up in Roman costumes.

Dancers show their skills in colourful robes, and street musicians and jugglers play everywhere. Artisans demonstrate their skills in workshops. Archaeologists explain daily life and many finds.

Roman society comes back to life in these days. (More information: