Vindonissa. Photo/foto: TES.

Roman Camp Vindonissa

The Roman army camp Vindonissa (Windisch, canton of Aargau) was located near the confluence of the Aare and Reuss rivers.

The important traffic routes to Augusta Raurica (Augst) and the Passes of Grisons and the Mittelland to the upper Danube valley crossed here. A large-scale attack on Germania began with the Roman Alpine campaign in 15 BC.

The northern border of the empire was consolidated by Emperor Tiberius (42 BC-37 AD) and the army camp was built. After the final dissolution of the camp in 406, Vindonissa remained a settlement for the local population. Vindonissa was even an episcopal city for a short while in the sixth century.

The Vindonissa Museum displays a large selection of finds and provides insight into the daily lives of Roman soldiers and the history of this camp and its legions. (Source: M. Hartmann, Das römische Legionslager von Vindonissa, Brugg 2003).