Romainmôtier. Photo/Foto: TES.


The village of Romainmôtier (canton of Vaud) offers an exceptional cultural (and natural) landscape. The abbey church of Romainmôtier is a miracle of Romanesque and Gothic art. Its history goes back 1500 years, when it was built on the ruins of a church founded around 450 by Saint Romain. The present church was built between 996 and 1028 during the Kingdom of Burgundy under King Rudolf III (970-1032). Romainmôtier then joined the order of the abbey of Cluny. Although the Reformation and other unrest did not go unnoticed, the abbey church remains a magical place. The Prior’s house is a 13th-century building and its imposing halls with their large fireplaces offer a beautiful medieval setting setting, also close to the medieval tower and the local cultural centre. (Source and more information: