Period II

Romainmôtier Monastery, 11th century. Photo: Wikipedia

Romainmôtier revisited

The documentary  ‘Romainmôtier Revisité’ is a journey back in time, to the foundation of one of the oldest monasteries and churches on Swiss soil. Romainmôtier was a small Gallo-Roman village where two monks founded a new monastery in the fifth or sixth century.

The first building is from the sixth or early seven century. The monastery became a monastery of Cluny in the tenth century.  The Romanesque church and the Gothic choir and columns are still intact. The 13th-century house of the prior shows magnificent halls, large fireplaces, coffered ceilings and wall paintings. The film also shows this history and the reconstruction of the funeral monument of Henri de Sévery, the great prior of Romainmôtier, and the lapidary treasures of the old monastery. (Further information: